2013 repair and paint price list

Would you throw out an old friend just because of a broken limb? Or because they threw a chair at you? Of course not. And those shiny new friends are so high maintenance...

A fresh coat of paint not only makes your old bike look better, it will make you faster. WE GUARANTEE IT. Really. Most of the time when we say we guarantee something, we don't mean it. But this is different. You know how it is when you borrow a friend's bike. It's fun, but... just not the same. Nothing makes you want to ride, fast and far, like a bike that's yours, and that looks hot. That's where we come in.

When we do a repaint, we strip down to bare metal, start with an epoxy primer, and give it the full Circle A business. We'll inspect the frame for cracks or excessive rust (most surface rust will sandblast right off), and of course it's the perfect time to update your cable routing, or replace a dented or craked frame tube. And when we're done, if it's a steel frame, we'll hit the inside of the tubes with J.P. Weigle's Frame Saver.

Before you throw out that "broken" frame, or even that fork where you cut the steerer too short, give us a holler. We may be able to get you riding again.


We've replaced pretty much every tube on a bike. Dropouts, whole rear ends, seat tubes, down tubes, top tubes, head tubes, steering columns. We even replaced the bottom bracket shell of a fillet brazed frame.

Prices and viability depend on the the tube in question, the bike, and how it's put together. Sometimes it's just not worth it. But if this was the bike that you rode to your first kiss - well. Whatever it takes to get it rolling again. Check out the price sheet to get an idea of what our repair and paint prices are.


We try to stay on top of the newest painting technologies so you get the hottest, most durable paint job possible. For example we graduated from brushes to newfangled "spray" painting AGES ago. Well, months. But it feels longer.

We do all our paint work in house, using PPG epoxy primers, DBC basecoats, and urethan clear coats. Your new bike (or repaint) will come with a small touchup bottle and a matching lollipop. While supplies last.

Options are pretty much endless. As you'll see in the gallery we do lots of "traditional" schemes, often one color with contrasting headtube and panels. But if you want to go all crazy we can help with that too. Or maybe you just want your name or "mom" or the brooding face of Kurt Cobain on the seat tube. Whatever. You're the one who has to ride it.

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