If you can't come by the shop, there are a few ways to make sure your bike fits you like a glove, if a glove was something you threw a leg over and rode til you dropped.

We can send you instructions to get us the measurements we need for our fit program; or you can get fit at a shop that's local to you; or maybe you just know what you want and can tell us.

When it comes to fitting bikes, keep in mind that it's more art than science. There is not necessarily one "right" answer for you, and computers, frankly, are dumb (I probably should have opened the pod bay doors before saying that...) You and your identical twin might have totally different riding styles. So we like to get a ballpark from a fit program and then talk to you about what you're riding now, & how you feel about it.

That way we can make a bike for you that feels like home.


Here at Circle A there are lots of factors that go into each frame, and many ways to describe the finished bike. Innovation, efficiency, ecology, hotness, to name just a few... but who has time for all those words? So we paid some marketing guys like $5K to come up with this:

SIMPOLOGY - the confluence of simplicity and ecology.

HOTOVATION - a conflux of hotness and innovation. Conflux is a real word, by the way. Seriously.

I know what you're thinking. They paid HOW much? Well we got these adjectives too:

A hot, simple bike like a sweet fixie? Call it HIMPLE.

An ecological, innovative bike like... a sweet fixie with a rack? That's ECOVATIVE.

You know what tho? "Ecovative" sucks just little enough that I bet someone already copyrighted it. Well, sue away. You can't get blood from a stone.

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