We don't have stock sizes or colors. The bike we build for you is your bike, built for you in a way that precious few things are these days. It's a collaborative process that only begins with sizing. How do you want your bike to handle? What size tires do you like? Room for fenders? Are you worried about toe/tire overlap? We will talk about every millimeter of length, every tenth of a degree of angle with you to make sure we all know what you're getting.

More importantly, you'll be discussing these & other issues with the very person who will be doing all - and we do mean all - the work on your bike. The fitting process, tubing choices, mitering, brazing or welding, cleanup, paint, buildup if you want a complete bike - one of us will live your bike for the two weeks or so it takes to go from box of tubes to rolling sculpture/friend for life.


There are so many variables, especially in terms of tubing choices and construction techniques, we'll need a sense of what you're looking for to give you a firm price. Here's our price list so you can do some of the calculating on your own.

2013 custom frame price list

In general, expect a frame to cost between $1400 and $1900, and if you'd like a complete bike, we can put together a parts kit for another $800 or so on up. The waiting list tends to be about 7-8 months.

For more details or to get things started, drop us an email at info@circleacycles.com.

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background: Dave Wilcox and his bike which he raced in the 2009 Oregon Manifest. (reveal)

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